[Note: This does not replace the Fugue Condition from WoD: The God-Machine Chronicle; if you are using those Conditions, refer to this as Augmented Fugue.


The character cannot generate or spend Serum. All active Augments and some passive effects are inoperative; extended actions using these Augments are almost always terminated. The character’s systems cannot be hacked; to restart a hacking attempt begun before the shutdown requires a re-roll at a penalty; failure means the hack is disengaged. The character cannot be detected as Augmented by passive scans and active scans suffer a penalty.

Resolution: After DETERMINE HOW LONG THIS SHOULD LAST BASED ON REASON FOR SHUTDOWN the character may “reboot” as a free action. If the character did not initiate shutdown, she takes one level of Bashing damage to “hard reboot”.

Beat: The character suffers a “hard reboot”. The character maintains a purposeful shutdown rather than “reboot” and take the opportunity to accomplish a goal by Augmented might.



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