Callsigns are typically short (most are one or two syllables) and not easily confused for radio terminology; for example, Roger would not be used, nor would anything with the word “fire” or any letter from the signal alphabet. Common ways callsigns are received:

  • as part of a team motif: Thor, Freya, and Odin; Deuce, Queen, Jack, and Ace
  • according to role: A sniper might be Deadeye or Archer, a stealth operative Ghost or Shadow, a heavy weapons specialist Bruiser, Mama Bear, or Hammer
  • by comrades, as nicknames in the real world: A risk-taker called Wildcard, a character of few words known as Monk, a Brit called Bulldog, a relatively young member called Acorn

A list of examples follows.

Ace All Day All In Android Angel Arcade Archer Athena Atlas Axle
Big Daddy Big Momma Bishop Black Widow Blitz Blowtorch Bonus Bonzai Boomer Brick
Bull Bulldog Bullseye Buster Caliban Cannonball Caper Cargo Cash Casino
Checkmate Chops Claymore Cobra Combo Congo Coney Cookie Cowboy Cowgirl

(more to come – copy and paste gets tedious)


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