Character Creation

Step One: Character Concept

A concept can be thought of as a short, rough description of the character. “Alcoholic former clergyman trying to find his faith again”, “waitress by day, burglar by night”, and “Guy who can get you what you need, no questions asked” are all examples of concepts in their early stages.

Step Two: Select Attributes

Prioritize Mental, Physical and Social attributes according to your concept.

Step Three: Select Skills

Prioritize and assign skill dots, keeping your character’s background in mind.

Step Four: Select Skill Specialties

Skill dots represent training and experience with a broad range of techniques and procedures. Skill Specialties allow you to refine a few Skills, and show where your character truly shines. You define your own Skill Specialties. They reflect a narrow focus and expertise in a given Skill. For example, your character may have an Intimidation Specialty in Interrogation, or an Academics Specialty in History. Choose three Specialties.

Step Five: Apply Cyborg Template

A strain is the variety of symbiont bonded to the character.
A character’s faction can be thought of as her political affiliation, personal philosophy, quasi-religious belief, or the way she was “brought up” as a cyborg. Factions attempt to answer the questions of this different existence in their own ways.
Nature/Demeanor; Virtue/Vice
Choose a Nature and Demeanor or a Virtue and Vice for your character.
Choose Augments; these are the cybernetic abilities granted by the nanotech bonded to your character.
Choose one Mod. Mods are permanent alterations to a character’s body that grant specific bonuses or occasionally provide abilities.
Synergy your character’s progress in her integration; it is the measure of her connection to her Other Self. It affects the power of her Augment rolls (and certain others), determines how much Serum her body can hold and spend, and grants greater ability to modify her form.

Step Six: Select Merits

See expanded Merits for details.

Step Seven: Determine Advantages

Your character’s Willpower score is equal to her Resolve + Composure.

Virtue, Vice, and Integrity

A character’s Defense score is equal to the lower of her Wits or Dexterity Attributes, with her Athletics Skill added. Standard size is 5. Health is equal to Size + Stamina. Speed is Size + Strength + Dexterity.

The Spark of Life

Everyone has goals, be they mundane or far-reaching. Aspirations are named goals your character currently has, the fulfillment of which can earn her Beats. Working with the Storyteller or alone, create two short-term Aspirations (actions that could hypothetically be completed in a single session) and one long-term Aspiration (a goal that would take multiple sessions to achieve).

Callsign: If your character is a member of a team, she may have a kind of nickname used within that group, commonly known as a callsign.


Character Creation

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